Fu Xianming: Project Is King
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On the morning of September 7, Dongyang City held a special briefing on key investment attraction projects. Fu Xianming, the deputy mayor of Jinhua and Party secretary of Dongyang, emphasized firm implementation of the “Project is King”, as well as insisting on project planning, project attraction, project service, and project operation so as to lay a solid foundation for achieving common prosperity.

During the meeting, the representatives of relevant departments, districts, and administrative committees reported the situation and difficulties of the projects that have been negotiated, signed, and landed but haven’t gone on to the next part of the process, and put forward the specific arrangements of the following work.

Fu Xianming pointed out that the development of Dongyang must firmly insist on “Project is King”. Projects are the instrumental in Dongyang’s development and the foundation to change the industrial structure and industrial quality. Projects are the impetus to cultivate “Multi-billion Industry” and “Powerful Economic Market”, which is a measure to lay a solid foundation and to achieve common prosperity. On this basis, accelerating development of Dongyang must mean continuing to push forward projects.

He stressed the persistence in project planning and project attraction. The way to strengthen and attract investment is setting up specialists and special classes to assist those going out to attract investment. The way to improve the technique of investment invitation is the use of industrial chain that makes full use of Dongyang’s merchants across the country. The key to strengthening the assessment of investment is implementing the duties of all departments and members and supervising the tasks. The key to improving the quality of investment is enlarging project reserve, just like the old saying “with grain in our hands there is no need to panic.”

“The full-scale situation of investment attraction can be regarded better only when the operation of projects are as successful as the factory of Hengdian Dongci Solar Energy, where because of the application of 5G, the speed of its development has a visible increase,” Fu said and admired the efficiency of the construction and operation of the factory.

Lou Langjian, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Dongyang, proposed the specific requirements on the urgency to sign up for the negotiated projects, to land the signed projects, and to invest and operate the landed projects. In his view, all departments and districts should strengthen their desire to engage in active service, coordinate together to find the solution for any problems that arise, and quicken the pace of signing, landing, and operating of the projects for inviting outside investment. (Text by Hu Jianwen, photo by Bao Kangxuan, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Mariam Ayad) 

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