30 Billion RMB Project Signed in Dongyang
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On September 20, a project worth 30 billion RMB was signed at the 3rd World Dongyang People’s Development Conference, injecting new momentum into Dongyang’s development.

In recent years, Dongyang has made great efforts to get rid of traffic bottlenecks, land constraints, and other obstacles; vigorously implemented the “four hundred billion” industrial cultivation plan for industry, film and television culture, tourism, architecture, wood carving, furniture, and so on; dug deeply into the rich mine of Dongyang talents; accelerated the construction of major industrial platforms such as new industrial platform, high-speed railway new town, and the Hengdian film and television cultural industry cluster; and promoted high-quality catch-up development. 

Dongyang is a big city of talents and has great strength over other cities. Since the first development conference held in 2017, Dongyang has achieved a total turnover of 1.77 bn RMB of technological achievements through the help of local villagers, and its scientific and technological innovation performance ranks first in all cities and counties (districts) of Jinhua. With the help of Dongyang people at home and abroad, 48 investment projects have been signed in Dongyang since last year, for a total investment of 52.811 bn RMB. 

The development conference centered on “economy+science and technology”. At the conference, Dongyang focused on promoting the “Ten Thousand Mu and One Hundred Billion” new industrial platform and high-speed rail new town platform to the villagers. Dongyang also issued the white paper on business environment in Dongyang for the first time to further promote the achievements of the conference. (By Ye Yongyong, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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