CRE Train Makes Trip Number 3,000
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On August 19, loaded with 100 TEUs of vehicles, Christmas supplies, fitness equipment, and more, the Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe Express (YXEE) headed for Rostock, Germany from Yiwu West Railway Station. This is the 3,000th trip that the Yiwu platform of the China–Europe Railway Express (CRE) has undertaken.

As the envoys of “Silk Road,” the CRE serves the Belt and Road and provides strong support for international cooperation in pandemic prevention. In the face of the pandemic, the CRE, as an important channel for Chinese assistance for European pandemic prevention and economic recovery, took the initiative to ship pandemic prevention materials. This action has helped build a closer relationship between China and the countries along the CRE route and promoted in-depth exchanges. Furthermore, it has set up a solid health barrier and made significant contributions to winning the world war against the pandemic, fulfilling China’s international responsibilities. The Express has been widely hailed by countries along the CRE route.

The YXEE has made more than 3,000 trips, which is both an accomplishment and a starting point. The road ahead is still long. Under the Belt & Road initiative, the CRE (YXEE) will strive to build a safe, stable, unobstructed, and efficient international logistics channel, and achieve advanced openness and quality development to benefit the people of all countries along the route. (Translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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