Smartification of Medical Insurance
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Currently, the medical insurance electronic voucher is applied in scenarios such as  at the hospital, pharmacy, or in searching for medical insurance. Among 298 retail pharmacies designated for medical insurance, 262 have been covered by the medical insurance electronic voucher. It can not only make it more convenient for citizens but also promotes more efficient medical treatment and enhances the precision of the medical diagnosis.

To encourage the application and guarantee the activation of the medical insurance electronic voucher as well as promote the dynamic gathering and effective use of health &medicine big data, the mobile banking service of Yiwu Rural Commercial Bank detailed the strength of the voucher, illustrated applied scenarios and activation methods, and tackled frequently encountered issues. In addition, the bank also started providing targeted training for its staff and arranged some volunteers to disseminate the medical insurance electronic voucher, which will help more citizens to enjoy the substantial intelligent services in the era of information. (By Liu Qing, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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