Jinhua Builds Green Transportation Network
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Jinhua is one of the host cities of the 2022 Asian Games. In recent years, Jinhua has been working hard on green transportation by setting up a green and low-carbon transportation network and supporting the construction of a green Asian Games. It aims to be a “3C” city – Clean, Compact, and Connected.

There are currently more than 180 bus lines and more than 1,100 buses in the urban area of Jinhua. The number of buses using clean energy accounts for 73.33% of the total number of buses on the streets in Jinhua. To meet the regulatory requirements that all the buses running in the urban areas of host cities during the Asian Games must use clean energy, Jinhua will update all the buses in the urban area 100% to clean energy buses by the end of 2021.

Public bicycles are an important part of public transportation. Currently Jinhua has set up 625 public bicycle stations for a total of 13,000 bicycles in the urban area so as to meet the demand for the “last kilometer” transportation.

In addition, Jinhua is going to embrace rail transit. With a total length of 107.17 kilometers, Jinhua-Yiwu-Dongyang Rail Transit (Jinyidong line) is the longest urban rail transit project in China.

The Jinhua-Yiwu (Jinyi) section is expected to reach trial operation at the end of 2021, and the Yiwu-Dongyang (Yidong) section is expected to do so in July 2022. Convenient and zero-carbon, rail transit will attract more people to green transportation. This is also one of the main means of transportation in Jinhua to serve the Asian Games

The key to a smooth green transportation network is the seamless connection and short distance transfer among rail transit, buses, and public bicycles.

Jinhua will continue to improve the management of the docking stations and number of public bicycles in urban areas based on the capacity of Jinhua. The number of docking stations will be increased from 1200 to 2000, and the distance between bus stations and rail transit stations will be kept within 100 meters.

By Xu Zhaohui

Translated by Li Ziyi

Edited by Mariam Ayad

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