ZJNU-Juhua Strategic Agreement
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On the afternoon of September 28, the first meeting of the second session of the Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU) – Juhua Group Corporation Joint Laboratory Management Committee and the signing ceremony of the renewal of the strategic agreement were held at ZJNU. Jiang Yunliang, president of ZJNU, and Li Jun, general manager of Juhua Group, attended the ceremony. Zhong Yijun, vice president of ZJNU, presided over the ceremony.

On behalf of ZJNU, Jiang Yunliang expressed his gratitude to the leaders and experts who supported the construction of the joint laboratory, and gave a brief introduction of ZNU. Jiang pointed out that Juhua Group is a hugenational chemical conglomerate, the largest fluorine chemical manufacturing base in China, and the largest chemical base in Zhejiang. Juhua Group focuses on the chemical fluorine, electronic chemical materials, and other fields. With a strategy of promoting transformation and upgrading, Juhua Group has seen remarkable achievements.

Fluorine-containing materials is one of the three key research topics of ZJNU. With the cooperation of both parties, the first phase of the strategic agreement has been implemented. The joint laboratory has completed many projects, resulting in social and economic benefits. In the next phase, Jiang hopes that Juhua Group will continue to support ZJNU in various areas such as discipline construction, talent training, scientific research, and industry-university-research cooperation. Working together with Juhua Group, ZJNU will continue to support the lab to enhance its scientific and technological innovation capabilities, making the lab an important talent cultivation and innovation center.

On behalf of Juhua Group, Li Jun extended his congratulations on the continued deepening of cooperation between the two parties, and expressed his gratitude to ZJNU for its long-term support. Since 2005, the two parties have jointly established the ODS Alternative Catalyst R&D Laboratory, started a comprehensive strategic cooperation during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, and started the construction of the joint laboratory during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period. Li pointed out that the two parties have worked hand in hand and accomplished various achievements in many fields, such as completing the national and provincial projects, promoting international cooperation projects, cultivating postgraduates and post-docs, and developing projects related to fluorine-containing materials in particular. He hopes that both parties can take this signing as a new starting point, integrating and sharing their resources and advantages with each other, and cooperating through platforms, technologies, and talents.

Next, the director of the Institute of Fluorine-Containing Materials of ZJNU reported on the progress of the joint laboratory. The meeting reviewed and approved the list of personnel of the laboratory management committee, expert committee, and other institutions. The two parties also discussed the next work plan of the joint laboratory. (By Jiang Wenjing, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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