Yongkang Produces Flags for World Cup
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The 22nd FIFA World Cup (Qatar 2022) will kick off on November 22. 80 million national flags of the top 32 countries have been delivered all over the world from Qiancang Cultural and Educational Supplies Base in Yongkang in the last half year.

The production cycle of Juqian company was heavily concentrated from March to September this year. In order to complete the task of producing 80 million flags during the six-month period, the company employed more than 100 local villagers aged 20 to 50.

On November 4, Li Qiuxing, a member of Juqian, was walking up and down in front of a table about 4 meters long, where 32 countries’ flags were sorted, and packing 32 different flags into a bag. “The past six months have been the busiest period: working more than 12 hours a day became normal, and 500,000 national flags were produced every day,” said Li.

A week before the official kick-off of the World Cup, the domestic market will usher in a small peak in the sale of national flags. “Bars, sports lottery shops, and fans will buy mixed flags to decorate the surroundings and create a competitive atmosphere,” said Chi Bin. (By Li Yizheng, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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