Jinyi Accelerates Major Projects
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In recent years, the Jinyi New District has accelerated the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading to gradually improve the new energy vehicle industry chain. They have also promoted the landing of leading enterprises and advantageous parts and components supporting enterprises. ICONIQ Holding Limited's (NWTN) new energy vehicle core components project is the first super factory built by NWTN in China, and it is also the first high-end manufacturing project in the Jinyi New District with an investment of 10 billion RMB. The project is committed to building the world’s leading high-end new energy passenger car core parts factory to link the future intelligent service ecosystem.  Assistance is needed from all departments and townships to speed up the construction of the project.

On the afternoon of October 27, a meeting to coordinate and promote NWTN’s project was successfully held. After the signing of the project, the New District set up a special project promotion group for the first time. Relevant district leaders serve as team leaders, and 13 departments including the District Development and Reform Bureau, the District Investment Promotion Center, and the District Investment Promotion Service Company will serve as member units to provide regular services to the project. The members of the working group can exchange relevant information at any time in the working group, hold regular meetings each week, and efficiently complete the work.

Since the beginning of this year, the Jinyi New District has aimed for the strategic positioning of “building a growth pole in central Zhejiang and building a new center in the future.” They have made every effort to create the most powerful main power source and the most dynamic new industrial highland. The New District insists on creating an optimal business ecology that is transparent, fair, and centered on efficiency. As of October 7, several manufacturing projects of more than one billion RMB have been implemented in the New District. (By Tang Yuxin— Jinhua Daily, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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