Sino-African Cooperation Deepens
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On November 4, the symposium of African experts living in China was held. The offline venue was held in Jinhua. Deputy Mayor Ruan Ganghui attended the symposium.

At the symposium, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced Jinhua’s opening economy and spoke on the situation of the Jinyi Free Trade Zone, the construction plan of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, and the new mode of trade with Africa. The event focused on cooperation with Africa and featured many expert speakers including Jia Yinsuo, academician of the African Academy of Sciences, Qi Anquan, director of Zhejiang Zhongnan Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Center, Chen Jiaji, director of the South Africa Workstation of the Overseas Cooperation Organization and economic and technical expert from the Foreign Experts Bureau. They put forward some constructive suggestions for trade structure, barter trade, and financial services.

Jinhua is the main front of cooperation and exchanges with Africa in Zhejiang, and it is prominent in the whole country as well. In recent years, Jinhua has actively participated in the construction of the Belt and Road, continued to deepen cooperation with African countries, and given full play to its advantageous position in light production industry, small commodity production, and international procurement. The city has continually expanded bilateral trade with Africa. China-Africa’s economic, trade, and cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent, and trade exchanges with Africa have increased year by year. Jinhua has established trade relations with 59 African countries and regions, and Africa has become our fourth-largest export market. In 2021, Jinhua’s exports to Africa reached 84.57 billion RMB, which accounted for 37.5% of Zhejiang’s total exports to Africa and 8.8% of the country’s total exports to Africa.

At the same time, Jinhua’s academic cooperation with Africa is at the forefront of the country. Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU) has engaged in cultural and educational exchanges with Africa for a long time. The African Research Institute of ZJNU, with nearly 1000 African students, is the first comprehensive African research institution in domestic universities. The China-Africa Think Tank Forum hosted by ZJNU has been incorporated into the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, and it has become a typical example of China-Africa non-governmental exchanges and the prototype of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Forum and Cultural Cooperation and Exchange Week. Since Jinhua Polytechnic set up an overseas branch in Rwanda in 2017, it has carried out training classes in electronic information, food processing, and other fields. Nearly 5000 people have attended the courses. Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College has recruited more than 3000 African students from more than 40 countries, and most of the graduates have become outstanding individuals in the field of transnational economy and trade. (By Hu Zhenan, translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel Haws)

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