LoongArch: Let the Light of Independent Innovation Shine on the Global Cyberspace
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Hu Weiwu, chief scientist and chairman of LoongArch, spoke on Nov. 10 about the company’s new achievements: “LoongArch 3A5000/3C5000, the latest generation of CPU products based on the LoongArch platform was selected as one of the 15 top Internet, scientific, and technological achievements at a global level.”

The Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements Release Event has now been held for seven consecutive sessions. It has established itself as an annual event for exchanges on global Internet technology and mutual learning.

Hu Weiwu stated: “LoongArch is the only Chinese CPU manufacturer that won the honor at the event, which proves that LoongArch has cutting-edge and original ideas in scientific and technological research.”

In recent years, LoongArch has continuously participated in the construction of a community of shared destiny in cyberspace, from core to cloud. Hu Weiwu said that the 4-core 64-bit CPU chip for desktop applications, the LoongArch 3A5000, and the 16-core 64-bit CPU chip for server applications, the LoongArch 3C5000, perform close to the average level of mainstream products on the market and provide CPU-level endogenous security support. These products can meet the general computing and professional needs of large data centers, cloud computing centers, and the entire informatization industry.

At present, LoongArch has been widely recognized and supported by developers and enterprises at home and abroad. It is forming a top-level open-source ecosystem alongside X86 and ARM. (Photos and texts by Hu Zhenan, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Daniel Haws)

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