Yiwu for High-Level Open Cooperation
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On November 9, according to the Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Zhejiang Provincial Leading Group Office for Foreign Trade recently released a list of Zhejiang’s high-level opening and cooperation demonstration zones for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement. Yiwu is the only county-level city in the province that was included in the list.

Since the RCEP agreement came into effect, Yiwu has given full play to its advantages in trade and logistics, as well as in reform and innovation. Focusing on the goal of constructing four centers, one hub, and one platform*, Yiwu has taken advantage of the launch of the RCEP agreement to promote the construction of a high-level inland open hub city. Moreover, Yiwu has launched many opening-up and cooperation projects in trade, logistics, services, and cultural exchanges for the RCEP agreement.

According to a spokesman of the Yiwu Bureau of Commerce, Yiwu will continue to build an internal support system with “four centers, one hub, and one platform” as its core, and comprehensively expand and deepen economic and trade cooperation with RCEP member countries. In addition, Yiwu will cooperate with RCEP member countries to achieve more free resource flow, more efficient resource allocation, more in-depth market integration, and broader cooperation, and create a better business environment. Yiwu will strive to build a leading high-level opening-up and cooperation demonstration zone for the RCEP agreement in China. (Yang Ge – Yiwu Business Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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