Jinyi’s Companies Attend WIC
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On November 8, the Light of Internet Expo of the 2022 World Internet Conference (WIC) kicked off. Ten companies in Jinyi New District attended the event.

The Light of Internet Expo was a highlight of the WIC. The expo invited Zhejiang Information Technology Application and Innovation Base to showcase the achievements of ten companies in Jinyi New District, such as their research on network-based key technology, the R&D of core systems, and the construction of public service platforms. The ten companies included Loongson Technology Corporation Ltd., Zhejiang Zentel Memory Technology Co., Ltd., Tongfang Co., Ltd., and more.

Jinyi New District has aimed to build an IT industry cluster with over 100 billion RMB of output value in recent years, and has developed an IT application and innovation industrial platform which is based in Zhejiang but provides services for cities and regions all over the country. In the first three quarters of this year, the platform achieved a total operating income of 6.2 bn RMB and a total industrial output value of 4.42 bn RMB. Zhejiang Loongson Smart Industrial Park, a core part of the platform, has been approved as the only industrial base for independent IT innovation in Zhejiang. To date, the park has attracted 72 companies to settle there and developed 92 projects. An industrial ecosystem has begun to take shape. The park has become a strong engine for the development of the digital economy in Jinyi New District. (Source: Jindong District Investment Promotion Center, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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