International Workers’ Work Permit in Yiwu
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According to Yiwu Science and Technology Bureau, Yiwu has handled 12927 work permits for international workers this year. The permits involve 4891 foreigners from 115 countries and regions. There were 1313 foreign experts and 3578 workers from various fields applying in Yiwu.

With the increasing internationalization of Yiwu, an increasing number of international workers come to Yiwu. This includes foreign personnel engaged in business procurement and trade services. However, according to the classification standards for foreign workers in China, the work access of trade personnel is restricted. In recent years, Yiwu has innovated the foreign work permit system, and it takes the lead in implementing the pilot project of foreign work permits in small and micro businesses in Zhejiang. This further innovates the service management measures for international talents. These efforts created a first-class international business environment and provided international support for Yiwu’s economic and social development.

AL-KHADR HATEM AHMED HEBAH from Yemen established a trading company in Yiwu. Due to his high school education, he did not meet the requirements of a work permit. After the pilot program was carried out in Yiwu, the requirements for education and work qualifications of such foreigners were relaxed. Foreigners can get access to business procurement and trade services as long as they invest in commercial procurement in Yiwu and their shares in the company account for more than 25% of the total. When applying for a work extension, they can get assessment points from the aspects of employment promotion, tax payment, and working years. If the score reaches 60 points, they can get a work extension for one year; and if the score reaches 100 points, the work extension will be given for two years; if the score does not meet the standard, the extension will not be granted.

AL-KHADR has worked in Yiwu for six years, paid taxes according to regulations, and promoted the employment of Chinese employees. Subsequently, his work permit can be extended for two years. “With a long-term work permit, it is not necessary to go to the office every year, which provides greater convenience for business dealings and makes my work in Yiwu easier,” AL-KHADR said. It is reported that nearly 2000 foreigners in Yiwu have benefited from this policy, and this program has promoted the development of foreign trade in Yiwu.

It is worth mentioning that Yiwu also included the credit records of foreigners in the approval process. With the foreigners’ credit information platform, international workers’ credit can be checked in the approval process of registration, extension, and cancellation. For foreigners whose have records of crime, pornography, gambling, and drugs, their current work permit will be revoked. They will be included in a blacklist and no work permit will be issued for them. For foreigners who are in arrears in payment for goods, taxes, and other fees, or who are in abnormal business operations, they are required to make a supplementary payment within a time limit and their work permit will continue to be approved. If it is really difficult to fulfill all the payments within a short period, the time limit of their work permit will be shortened, and they need to promise to rectify the dishonesty within a specified time limit.

In order to help build an inland open hub city at a high level, Yiwu promoted the integrated reform of “only one permit, only one time of handling” for foreigners in terms of work, residence, social security, and medical insurance. It is achieved through material sharing, data docking, and other ways. To date, 2901 requests have been handled, and 348 new foreigners have been registered to work in the free trade zone, including 177 who have been issued 5-year work permits. (By Wang Ting, translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel Haws)

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