New Progress on Fotang River Tunnel
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On November 14, as one of the key transportation projects of Yiwu, the road that connects National Highway 527 with Lincang Road has almost completed the second cofferdam for the Yiwu River tunnel.

According to a director from Shuangjianghu Group, the contractor on this project, the first cofferdam of the Yiwu River tunnel has been demolished and the team is now working on the second cofferdam. The sandbag cofferdam has been completed, and the rubble cofferdam is planned to be completed next week. As of now, 79.18% of the annual plan has been completed, and 56% of the total tunnel project has been completed.

This project started from the intersection of the current Chaoyang Road and National Highway 527 (also called Fotang Avenue). It reconstructed the existing Chaoyang Road and extended the road to the northwest. After arriving at the intersection of Dacheng Road, the road will intersect with Jianshe Road, the downtown area of Fotang Ancient Town, Jiangdong Road (which is under planning), Yiwu River, and Panlong Road as a tunnel. Then the road will come aboveground again, ending at the intersection of the current Chaoyang Road, the provincial Lincang Highway, and Shangfo Road. At the same time, Duqing Bridge will be demolished and rebuilt and Duqing Road will be widened. The whole project is about 2.461 kilometers, with a 1488-meter-long river-crossing tunnel.

This project is one of the strategic roads in the overall transportation framework of Fotang Ancient Town. It will greatly improve the connection between Fotang and the urban areas of Jinhua, Wuyi, Yongkang, and other regions as an important east-west traffic road for Fotang Ancient Town. (By Gong Shuhong, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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