Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Brain" Digital Application Platform
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The Reform Office of the Provincial Party Committee (Provincial Digital Reform Office) announced the “Zui series” of digital reform results in 2022. Pan’an County’s “Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Brain” Digital Application Platform was selected as one of the best applications in the province. This makes it one of the top 10 applications developed at the county level.

The “TCM Industry Brain” is a Chinese medicinal material industry platform built in Pan’an using technologies such as 5G blockchain traceability, 5G shared workshops, and 5G high-altitude eyesight. The platform integrates modules such as big data analysis, monitoring, and early warning systems. It streamlines brand management of the Chinese medicine industry and the big data center of the Chinese medicine industry, and it integrates various functions including the quality traceability system of Chinese medicinal materials, the price index of Chinese medicinal materials in Jiangnan Medicine Town, and the meteorological service platform for Chinese medicinal materials.

At present, the “TCM Industry Brain” platform has benefited the county’s pharmaceutical companies and radiated to more than 5,000 related industrial enterprises and 82 Chinese medicinal material bases. Related industries have driven nearly 4,000 people to achieve employment. It also brings together practitioners of the traditional Chinese medicine industry, which account for one-third of Pan'an's population. It has also made active exploration and contribution in finding the common prosperity path for mountainous counties like Pan’an.

In the future, Pan’an’s traditional Chinese medicine industry will continue to reform and innovate its model to promote the county's transformation from traditional Chinese medicine planting to production and marketing integration. They will embark on a road of characteristic development for industry of Chinese medicine. (By Ma Xiaoying—Jinhua Daily, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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