Jiangtang Town Rich in Natural Selenium
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The Geological Society of China announced the identification results of the second batch of natural selenium-rich lands in China. In total 30 plots were selected, with three of those plots being in Zhejiang. Jiangtang Town in the Wucheng District was included among those selected with an average selenium content of 0.40mg/kg.

Jiangtang is a provincial-level demonstration base for the development and utilization of selenium-rich soil. It has a total area of 16,405 mu. It is designated as a natural selenium-rich land area of 12,516 mu, which accounts for 76.3% of the total land area. Since the establishment of a provincial-level strong agricultural town in 2019, Jiangtang has gradually formed a sustainable spatial development pattern. The town has fully tapped the added value of selenium-rich agriculture and continuously extends the agricultural industrial chain through infrastructural upgrading, brand building, and the integration of agriculture and tourism.

Through the integration of resources, a total of 131.159 million RMB has been invested in three years. The upgrading of grain production areas in the villages of Hongcun and Qianyuan Village, and in other regions has been completed. The construction of high-standard farmland in the main selenium-enriched grain producing areas was completed with 14.25 km of hardened roads in new fields. The centralized agricultural exhibition centers in the villages of Qianyuan and Yangxin were also completed. Two high-quality “Red Beauty” citrus variety bases were built, and the non-grain remediation and whole land remediation were actively implemented. This frees more than 2,500 mu of non-grain land for development, which provides more space for the development of leading industries. (By Hu Minxia—Jinhua Daily, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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