Dongyang’s New Material Industry Listed in the Platform
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On June 24, the fourth batch of the “10,000 mu and 100 billion RMB” new industrial platform cultivation list of Zhejiang Province was announced, and Dongyang’s New Material Co. Ltd. was on the list. This means that Dongyang has a new role to play in developing the industrial economy. The new material industry platform will be an important carrier for Dongyang to promote industrial transformation, and it will stimulate the city’s high-quality development.

In 2019, Zhejiang introduced a policy of high-quality construction of a new industrial platform of “10,000 mu and 100 bn RMB.” With the well-tailored platform it will promote key industries to move towards the high end. The new industrial platform of “10,000 mu and 100 bn RMB” refers to an industrial platform oriented toward vital industries in the future with a space of 10,000 mu (about 6.7 square kilometers) and an output of at least 100 bn RMB.

The new material industry platform is in Liushi Street and Weishan Town. It is currently planned to be 7.64 square km (nearly 11,466 mu) and is divided into two areas — the east area and west area. These will form a development pattern of “one axis, two areas, one corridor and three areas.” The platform construction will follow the integration axis of cutting-edge technology and industrial development. Relying on the western area while expanding the eastern area, it will finally form a development pattern of innovation and business research service corridor, application research area, a high-end manufacturing area, and a terminal application area. This new engine of Dongyang Technology will help develop central Zhejiang into a model of intelligent creation.

The head of the Bureau of Dongyang Development and Reform said, “the future development of the platform industry is based on high-performance magnetic materials, and new quantum materials are the key areas of the future industry. Various emerging demand materials are the extension of the industrial chain that will build a new material industry system that forms a ‘2+X’.”

The cultivation of new industrial platforms requires the support of large quality projects. Since the platform entered this specific construction stage Dongyang has vigorously carried out investment promotion and selection while focusing on strengthening and supplementing the chain of leading industries. A focus has also been put on piloting and testing future industries and returning them to their hometowns for key stages. At present, there are 30 landmark projects with a total investment of 36.3 bn RMB. Influential investment entities and cooperative enterprises include Amer Group Co., BASF SE, DMEGC, HEC Industrial, and the research team for quantum industrialization. Among them, several key projects of Amer, Zhugong Technology, and the capacitors of the HEC Industry are under construction, have been completed, or are already in operation.

Included in the provincial “10,000 mu and 100 bn” cultivation list, is the result of the continuous promotion of the whole city. Since 2019, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have regarded platform construction as an important starting point for gathering large projects and planning for improved development. In April 2020, Dongyang plans to launch a platform battle. At the end of last year, the report of the Dongyang Party Congress pointed out that the goal in the next five years is to build a new industrial platform of “10,000 mu and 100 bn RMB” at the provincial level. (By Hu Jianwen, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Daniel Haws)

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