Jinhua’s Investment Attraction Work
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On the afternoon of June 22, Jinhua’s regular meeting on investment attraction work was held. Deputy mayor Li Binfeng attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The heads of the investment and talent attraction headquarters, which are in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen, briefed the group on the first half of the year respectively and reported the difficulties and detailed plans for future projects. Li fully affirmed the achievements of each headquarters and commented on their practices and results one by one.

Li pointed out that the headquarters should overcome difficulties and pay close attention to two important time points on their half-year and the first anniversary of the establishment. He pointed out that they should always think about three questions to guide the investment attraction work for next year.

The first question is about the goal. Since the beginning of this year the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to the work of attracting investment and talents. That’s why Jinhua has achieved unprecedented results in the first half of the year. To further raise the benchmark of work, the government adjusted the task of attracting large and powerful companies in 2022 by starting 70 manufacturing projects worth a combined 1 billion RMB, 8 projects of 5-10 bn RMB, and 6 projects of more than 10 bn RMB. At the same time, Jinhua will further improve the standards for project implementation and ensure that sufficient investment is ready for the projects that need to lease factories.

The second question is how to achieve the goal. It is necessary to set up five special teams under the general headquarter, which are responsible for tackling projects at the county, city, and district levels. A regular meeting should be carried out every week to analyze the projects and promote the work. Furthermore, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government should hold a monthly report meeting on the introduction of large companies and report on the implementation of projects.

The third question is where the focus is. The key is to focus on leading industries and major projects. Therefore, the government made a 100-day plan to achieve a breakthrough in investment and talent attraction by the first anniversary of the establishment of the headquarters. They must show the confidence and courage to complete the tasks of the whole year in the third quarter and achieve the goal with extraordinary measures.

Li also emphasized that all headquarters should strengthen system construction and team building, enhance daily management, and further improve staff’s ability to complete the work of attracting investment. Meanwhile, pandemic prevention and control work should be carried out to ensure the personal safety of the staff. All headquarters should take the initiative to discover and resolve difficulties in the staffs’ life and work in a timely manner.

Finally, Li Binfeng expressed his gratitude for the staff’s hard work on investment attraction and asked the members of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center to strengthen contact with the headquarters to guide and participate in the promotion of the work. (Source: Jinhua Trade and Investment Promotion Center, translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel Haws)

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