Wucheng: Development of UAV Industry
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“The area showed in the screen covers about 50 square kilometers, and it took us just three days to complete a shooting mission with 10 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in surveying and mapping,” said Chen Lingfeng, a staff member of Dongtian Technical Co., Ltd. in Wucheng Anyun Intelligent Industrial Park. The UAVs used in surveying and mapping whose underside is equipped with high-precision laser radar can making measurements of a map, measurement, or 3D model of a real-world geomorphology and architecture, which not only ensures the accuracy of the collected data, but also greatly improves the efficiency of surveying and mapping work. They have been widely applied to the fields of confirmation of land rights and architecture construction.

Dongtian Technical Co., Ltd is an artificial intelligence technology company integrating the R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of intelligent UAVs. The company has more than 10 patents for independent research and development, focusing on providing data support and flight services for governments, companies, and individuals in the fields of agricultural plant protection, geographic surveying and mapping, resource exploration, environmental monitoring, and more. It has built a long-term and in-depth cooperation with Beihang University and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and is committed to researching the transformation and upgrading of UAV products and solving the problems that UAVs face when they land. So far Dongtian’s business has spread to many provinces in China, and its output value was more than 200 million RMB last year.

Right now is the critical period of prevention and treatment for pests of single-crop rice. Walking across farmers’ croplands, the specific group of Dongtian is engaged in providing farmers unified treatment and prevention services through the use of UAVs. The invention of C103WD4-10, an ultra-long-endurance and multi-rotor agricultural plant protection machine, has enabled Dongtian to achieve a technical breakthrough in endurance and formation operations of plant protection UAVs, whose duration is three times that of ordinary machines in the market.

“The area of crop-dusting can cover 100 acres per hour when using a C103WD4-10 machine, and 700 acres per hour can be achieved if there is a group with 3 members and 10 UAVs in formation.” Chen Lingfeng introduced how the formation of the UAVs has overcome the technical difficulties of communication and information interaction of multiple UAVs, and that the technical team of Dongtian has applied the agricultural plant protection UAVs to the service of a variety of crops like rice, tea, fruit trees, wheat, and lotus root, covering an area of about 2 million acres. (By Sun Wubin, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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