Lanxi Promotes Economic Development
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Since the beginning of 2022, in the face of the complicated and challenging economic situation, in line with the requirements of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, and the Municipal Government, Lanxi has formulated plans based on its current situation, developed key projects to promote the economy, vigorously promoted the remediation of inefficient land, and optimized services to help companies solve difficulties. Lanxi has accelerated economic stabilization and recovery, and made contributions to promoting Zhejiang’s modernization and common prosperity as well as building a high-level inland hub city.

Developing projects is key to improving economic stability and quality, and high-quality economic development cannot be achieved without the development of high-quality projects. In 2022, Lanxi has focused on developing projects, accelerated the implementation of key projects, increased efforts to bring in large and promising projects, and cultivated new competitive regional advantages by focusing on developing projects as well as large projects.

Recently, Lanxi held a ceremony for the centralized commencement of major projects in 2022, launching 35 projects with a total investment of 18.1 billion RMB, including 19 industrial projects with a total investment of 13.638 bn RMB and 16 public construction projects with a total investment of 4.475 bn RMB.

Lanxi has paid close attention to the implementation and achievements of various work, and made every effort to promote the quality, speed, and efficiency of project construction. With many major projects launched, completed, and put into operation, Lanxi has been equipped with a powerful engine to steadily improve the quality of economic and social development. Next, Lanxi will conscientiously implement the guiding principles of the 15th Zhejiang Provincial Party Congress, take project development as a priority of economic development, optimize services and resource allocation, timely solve difficulties and obstacles, and promote the early completion and operation of projects.

Land resources are a cornerstone for economic development. Lanxi has gone all out to promote the remediation of inefficient land and land renovation, further optimize its spatial layout, and revitalize the existing land resources.

In 2022, Lanxi has set the goal of adding 6.67 square kilometers of arable land and revitalizing 6.67 sq. km of existing land throughout 2023. Lanxi has set up a special department to implement process management, and improve and complete mechanisms such as the standards for industrial land use, land efficiency evaluation, and the withdrawal of the land-use rights, so as to promote the upgrading of spatial layout, industrial structure, and land efficiency.

Recently, the staff members of the department for the remediation of inefficient land in Lanxi have visited many companies to investigate the nature of the land, the status quo of aboveground buildings, the production and operation of companies, and their demand and supply of land. After procuring these details, the staff members have created tailored land-use plans for companies. To date, Lanxi has helped 121 companies revitalize inefficient land, covering a total area of 1.7 sq. km.

Moreover, Lanxi has developed efficient closed-loop management of land resources by streamlining and optimizing approval and other processes, making every effort to crack the constraints of land resources and facilitate the construction of over 100 high-quality projects.

Responding to the complexity and variability of economic development and security, Lanxi has implemented a set of unconventional measures to stabilize the economy, ensured the implementation and the effectiveness of policies and measures, and promoted the stability and quality of economic development.

In June, 30 municipal leaders and members of 11 special steering groups visited 532 key companies and inspected 50 key tasks and 60 key projects in Lanxi. They helped companies resolve difficulties and advanced the implementation of key projects.

During the visits, the leaders and members provide guidance to companies by interpreting the applicability of various policies, acceptance criteria for applications, and relevant approval processes. In addition, they communicated face-to-face with entrepreneurs, listened carefully to the problems and demands of companies, promptly summarized and reported the situation of each company, and helped companies make good use of favorable policies.

By the end of June, Lanxi had elicited 1207 difficulties from companies and solved 1171 of them. (By Zhou Yao, Yang Yizhi, and Chen Zhiheng, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

Lanxi holds a ceremony for the centralized commencement of major projects in 2022. (Photographed by Fan Paiqing)

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