2.8 Million Deal with ASEAN
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On July 4, 2022, raw material processing agents from Wuyi and Pan’an signed a deal with the Zhejiang branch of ASEAN-China Commerce Association. The deal was for an order of garment material processing worth 2.8 million RMB. The order was also the first agreement after the establishment of the Zhejiang Women Workers Service Center.

The service center, established on June 14 this year, aims at providing assistance for women in the village to increase their incomes. The main means for that this year is to promote material processing. Many garment processing workshops are facing hard times under the current pandemic situation. Therefore, the deal, thanks to the Zhejiang branch of ASEAN-China Commerce Association, truly enlightened the agents.

“Women in the villages are really looking for more work to do. The agreement will bring work of nearly 600 million sets of garments for foreign trade. The cooperation will ensure work from now to the next May,” said Ms. Lou Hongying, the agent from Pan’an. She also said she would surely see to the product quality and ensure timely completion of the project.

The service center, based in the Yiwu Small Commodities City, has links with rural entrepreneurship incubations in the province and provides services like showcasing, training, incubating, and policy advising. Since the establishment of the center, it has been providing necessary assistance for those in need, especially those in hilly areas of the province, and it now has many deals signed.

The person in charge of the local women's association said they would continue to monitor the project. The cooperation will be enhanced through skill training and the quality of the products increased. In the meanwhile, more policies will help the project to promote the incomes of women in the villages. (By Yu Yiping, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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