Zhou Fuyun is Yiwu’s Provincial Party Representative
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After the closing of the 15th Zhejiang Provincial Party Congress, Zhou Fuyun, the provincial Party representative, was still very busy meeting with local businessmen. Zhou studied the report of the Party congress again and met with the new generation of businessmen when he returned to Yiwu. He aimed to share his ideas and experiences and promote the spirit of the party congress in a vivid way.

As a Party member and businessman, Zhou mainly talked about topics on how to adhere to Party leadership, how to develop and expand the industrial economy, and how to achieve inheritance, innovation, and continuous development. “In the report of this Party Congress, we are particularly required to focus on the five major work orientations of innovation, transformation, risk prevention and control, joint construction and sharing, and pragmatism, which is very inspiring for entrepreneurs like us,” said Zhou Fuyun.

In the past few decades, Zhou Fuyun has undergone many transformations and has always been on the road of entrepreneurship. From traditional clothing and clothing accessories to printing and packaging, he finally settled in the high-tech field of optoelectronics and photovoltaics. In 2016, responding to local policies of “attracting Zhejiang merchants back to Zhejiang” and “attracting Yiwu merchants back to Yiwu,” Zhou returned to Yiwu with the HC Semitek project.

Since then, Zhou Fuyun has cooperated with the government to introduce leading LED companies such as Refond Optoelectronics and MLS Co., as well as photovoltaic companies such as Ai Xu Solar and Risen Energy. After that, leading companies in the industry such as JinkoSolar, JA Solar, and Trina Solar, successively settled in Yiwu and formed the Light Technology Town. This made Yiwu the world’s shining capital of small commodities.

From paper to chip, Zhou’s experience explains that only innovators can survive in the era of change. “At this Party Congress, the provincial Party committee put forward the strategy of strengthening the province through scientific and technological innovation and talents, which also pointed out a new direction for entrepreneurs. Only by relying on innovation, technology, and talents, can Jinhua’s companies promote economic and social development in the next five years, winning the future on a long journey. This is of far-reaching significance,” said Zhou Fuyun.

Private companies are not only the main force of economic development but also the main engine of common prosperity. A KFC store in Suxi Town, Yiwu City is the best example. Located in a commercial complex, this store is often full of customers during meal times and became the KFC store with the highest turnover in Yiwu. It is not in the main urban area of Yiwu but in a town. This is not expected by many people, but it is reasonable if we consider its location: less than one kilometer from the store is the Light Technology Town where Zhou Fuyun’s company is located. The photovoltaic industry there has not only formed a 100 billion-level industrial cluster but also created a large number of employment opportunities and brought high-quality demographic dividends. These companies have injected a strong impetus into local economic development and helped the local people increase their income. “As a member of the Communist Party, being loyal to the Party and serving the people is the essence of my responsibility; as a businessman, running a business well and contributing to society is the basis of my responsibility,” said Zhou Fuyun.

In recent years, Zhou Fuyun has also served as the chairman of the General Association of Yiwu Entrepreneurs and the chairman of the Association of Suxi fellow-townsmen. He acts as a bridge that connects local companies, the government, and society. He is based in Yiwu, cooperates with cities in Zhejiang, and expands his influence to the whole country while leading local companies to make joint efforts and achieve common prosperity.

Now, Zhou Fuyun is back to his busy daily work. “In the future, I will continue to study, convey, and implement the spirit of the Party Congress, and try to play an important role in promoting the development of local industries, showing the surging power of Zhejiang, and accomplishing the cause of common prosperity,” said Zhou Fuyun. (By Fang Jing, translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel)

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