Seizing the Farming Season to Plant Late Rice
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On July 18, in the farmland of the village of Xiayang, Bailongqiao Town, Wucheng District, four rice transplanters of Yang Guifang, a major grain grower, were rushing to plant late rice. At present, the rural areas of Jinhua are entering a busy season of harvesting as well as planting crops.

The late rice variety planted by Yang Guifang is Yongyou 1540, and the average yield per mu is expected to be about 500 kilograms. The more timely the late rice is planted, the higher the quality and yield will be, and this busy season of rushing to harvest and plant is expected to be finished at the end of July. (Text and photo by Shi Kuanbing, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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