Yiwu Int’l Hardware & Electrical Appliances Fair
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On July 17, according to the committee of the 6th China Yiwu International Hardware and Electric Appliances Fair, the 6th China Yiwu International Hardware and Electric Appliances Fair opened on July 13 and closed on July 15. This fair overcame many negative factors like epidemic prevention and control and hot weather, adopted the integration of online and offline experience, and provided exhibitors and buyers with comprehensive service for the length of the fair.

According to the statistics, this fair involved 51,070 buyers from 101 countries and regions. Through targeted publicity and group invitations, about 1000 foreign merchants who reside in China attended the fair. The on-site turnover reached 204 million RMB. During the fair, a variety of relevant activities were held, such as the selection of the most popular exhibitors, the forum of representatives of exhibitors, the awarding ceremony of China Southern Airlines’ strategic cooperation, and Handan Export Commodities Fair. Many buyers were attracted to the fair, and the benefits they gained from it exceeded their expectations.

To improve the efficiency and quick response to the potential emergencies of matchmaking events, the online exhibition was launched in advance to provide a “cloud negotiation” platform for merchants who couldn’t travel to Yiwu due to the impacts of the epidemic. The organizers held many online activities like building communication with experts and broadcasting live in factories to show products so that buyers could learn more details about products and improve the results of this exhibition. Moreover, this fair strengthened the introduction of professional buyers from the industries of domestic sales of export enterprises, professional market, and industry bases, which provided exhibitors with more opportunities to invite merchants to attend exhibitions, in order to promote the probability of clinching a deal through face-to-face communication.

Although the fair’s schedule was altered constantly because of pandemic, the relevant work has not stopped. Since the fair’s schedule was secured, Yiwu China China Commodities City Exhibition Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of advanced service, planning ahead, and going all out. “This fair’s staff has been keeping up communication with us, and giving a quick response to our requests, through which we can enjoy full-scale service,” a merchant said. (By Wu Fengyu, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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