Tourism at Hengdian World Studios Revives
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Since June, the good news at Hengdian World Studios has continued: the Water World in Dream Valley, which is a themed water park, ushered in the largest passenger flow this year with an attendance count that exceeded 10,000 people for two consecutive days. The Dream Bund Resort, a place famous for its flavor of old Shanghai, carried out a carnival involving more than 200 time-honored brands from Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, and other places, attracted a sea of visitors. The film and television-themed guesthouses on the Guangzhou and Hong Kong streets were fully booked. These guesthouses are designed to give young people the experience of “living” in the movies. Ms. Sheng, a tourist from Ningbo, said, “this immersive experience makes me feel like a big star.”

Since the beginning of this year, Hengdian World Studios has sped up the industry transformation and upgrading to cope with and blunt the adverse impact on the tourism industry. By upgrading products, optimizing services, and making appropriate interest concessions, it has expanded tourism consumer groups and improved the film and television sets to offer better experiences by allowing tourists to enjoy themed, personalized, and immersive ways of leisure travel.

Recently, more than 100 tourists from Taizhou took a train to Yiwu and then changed to a tourist bus to start a two-day tour in Hengdian. This is the first time  tourists in Zhejiang have travel to Hengdian by train. Xu Fei, general manager of the marketing branch of Hengdian World Studios, said that this new method of travel provides more options for tourists in Zhejiang and encourages Hengdian World Studios to expand the tourism market after the opening of the light rail and high-speed rail.

To further revive the tourism market this summer, Hengdian World Studios increased investment in upgrading the film and television sets to enrich tourists’ experience and improved different kinds of tourism opportunities such as parent-child tours, live-action role-playing games, film and TV-themed tours, and research activities to meet different needs of tourists. Absorbing the experience of Universal Studios and Disney, the Dream Bund Resort will launch China’s first treasure-hunting-themed two-person VR motorcycle project. The dazzling roller coaster, which is 17-meter-high and 392-meter-long, will be put into promotion in the Dream Valley. Guangzhou Street that houses the palaces of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Qin Palace, and other scenic spots has launched a variety of film and TV-themed activities to enhance the charm of Hengdian tourism. Meanwhile, activities at the opening of the summer carnival at Hengdian World Studios will focus on animation carnivals, concerts, film and television star meet and greets, and night tourism activities will be held one after another.

“While improving our tourism products and activities, we also actively implement the government’s policy of stabilizing economic growth and promoting consumption and issued the consumption card of Hengdian World Studios which gives the benefits that originally only belonged to the employees of the Hengdian Group to the whole society,” said Huang Gang, deputy general manager of Hengdian World Studios. He said that with the improved pandemic situation and the implementation of the policy of promoting consumption, the tourism market in Hengdian has gradually recovered. The number of tourist bookings has increased steadily every day. Last weekend on June 25 and 26, the scenic spots in Hengdian received more than 60,000 people. (By Wang Longyu, translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel Haws)

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