Nature Tourism Comprehensive Project
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Wuyi County and the Hangzhou Hongyi Investment Group discussed the terms and issues of the cultural tourism project Wucai Xili. The project will be launched in the region of Xilifan, Wuyi. The Hongyi Investment Group and the Jinhua Social Undertakings Development Group (JSUD) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on Wuyi’s Forestry, Springs, and SPA Comprehensive Project. County leaders Shuai Zhaohui, Li Qiang, Chen Hui, and Xu Lei, the chairman of Hongyi Investment, and Zheng Yaming, the leader of the preparatory group of JSUD, attended the negotiation and the signing ceremony.

The Wucai Xili Hot Spring Resort project is in the center of Wuyi’s hot spring town. The project has an area of about 70 hectares and a total investment of about 5 billion RMB, and they plan to build a theme park, a water park, a cultural and tourism business street, themed restaurants, and hot spring themed hotels. There are also plans to establish a first-class cultural and tourism integrated leisure resort in Zhejiang.

Wuyi’s Comprehensive Forestry, Springs, and SPA Project is a key tourism project of Wuyi Hot Spring Resort. The project is invested by the JSUD and is planned and operated by Hongyi Investment. It covers an area of about 6.6 hectares, with a total planned construction area of 80,000 square meters and a total estimated investment of about 1 bn RMB.

The county party chief Shuai Zhaohui congratulated the successful signing of the Comprehensive Forestry, Springs, and SPA Project and said that this strategic signing comes at the perfect moment and is a major result of a tripartite cooperation. Surrounded by mountains and waterways, Wuyi is a renown hot spring city and is endowed with unique resources and local geographical advantages.

He wished that both the Hongyi Investment and JSUD will take this signing as a new starting point, give full play to the local resources, accelerate the project construction, turn resources into benefits, and promote the integrated development of Wuyi’s regional features.

Shuai stressed the need for all relevant departments to firmly establish a sense of service, solve the practical difficulties encountered during the realization of the project with a pragmatic work style, and provide follow-up services throughout the whole process to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Xu Lei and Zheng Yaming also gave speeches at the signing ceremony, and indicated that the signing of this strategic framework agreement has opened a new chapter of sincere cooperation and complementary development between the two sides. The two sides will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in accordance with the agreement, give full play to the local resources, and cooperate with each other to accelerate the implementation of the Comprehensive Forestry, Springs, and SPA Project. (Translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Daniel Haws)

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