Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Meeting
发布日期:2022-08-10 浏览次数:

On August 6, the provincial epidemic prevention and control meeting was held. Wang Hao, the provincial governor, and the leader of the provincial leading group for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia, presided over the meeting. Jinhua and Yiwu leaders Zhu Chonglie, Xing Zhihong, Wang Jian, Li Xiongwei, Ye Bangrui and Ruan Ganghui attended the meeting at the Yiwu branch.

It was emphasized at the meeting that this round of pandemic prevention and control work in Yiwu has reached the most critical stage. All departments at all levels in Jinhua and Yiwu must speed up and plug loopholes, make up for shortcomings, launch a charge against the epidemic, and achieve dynamic zero COVID-19 results as soon as possible. It is necessary to coordinate the pandemic prevention and control and economic and social development, formulate special work plans, ensure the smooth operation of large logistics sites, and promote enterprises in key parts of the industrial chain to resume work as soon as possible. We must do everything possible to guarantee normal production and operation. (By Yu Qin—Zhejiang Daily, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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