Pandemic Situation in Jinhua
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On August 8, Jinhua held a press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 to introduce the latest situation on the recent outbreak. As of 3:00 p.m. on August 8, a total of 376 people with a positive coronavirus test were reported in Jinhua, including 33 confirmed cases (27 in Yiwu, one in Dongyang, three in Lanxi, one in Pujiang, and one in Jindong) and 343 asymptomatic infections (322 in Yiwu, 16 in Dongyang, four in Lanxi, and one in Pujiang).

The provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to this recent outbreak in Jinhua. The main provincial leaders immediately connected to the pandemic command center to hold the cadres and the masses together to fight against the pandemic. To date, the effect of prevention and control work turns out great, and the rapid increase in confirmed cases was curbed.

Jinhua’s priority is to maintain the stable and orderly operation of major markets in Yiwu. The government established a special class for pandemic prevention and control in the Yiwu markets and Yiwu International Trade City (YITC) to strengthen the detailed management in the market. To date, 21 markets, including the first to fifth districts of the YITC, International Production Materials Market, Huangyuan Garment Market, and Binwang Market, are open to the public as usual.

Five testing sites have been set up outside the YITC, making it convenient for market operators and buyers to have tests once a day. On August 9, the second charter plane carrying 110 foreign buyers took off from India to Yiwu, which shows the confidence of domestic and foreign buyers in the prosperity and development of the Yiwu market. In the next step, Jinhua will adjust the policies on market pandemic prevention in a timely manner according to the pandemic situation and make every effort to ensure the orderly operation of the market.

Although Jinhua’s pandemic prevention and control work has achieved good results in its initial phase, it is necessary to insist on unabated standards in various pandemic prevention and control work in a more scientific and meticulous manner. The following six aspects will be paid more attention: improve the capabilities of epidemiological investigation and tracing, optimize the procedures of nucleic acid testing, speed up the transfer and quarantine work, strengthen social management, offer warmer service, and ensure safer closed-loop production.

Mass nucleic acid tests will be carried out for at least five consecutive days in the medium and high-risk areas of Yiwu, and there will be tests for three consecutive days in other areas. For counties without locally confirmed cases, normalized nucleic acid tests will start from August 8. Visitors of some key public places are required to present negative nucleic acid test results within 72 hours. Counties which has reported locally confirmed cases since August 2 should continue to carry out nucleic acid tests once a day in the high-risk areas and do the tests every other day in other areas. According to the pandemic situation, experts will adjust the nucleic acid tests in Jinhua after further research.

Jinhua will respond to the concerns of citizens in a timely manner and do a better job in all-round guarantees for people’s livelihood needs, medical treatment, temporary assistance, psychological counseling, and special personalized services. This makes the focus of the management and control work professional and human based. Citizens should pay close attention to their personal protection, and if they are close contacts of any positive case or have a history of living in high-risk areas, they should report to the relevant personnel of the village, community, or hotel where they live and take health management measures as soon as possible.

To date, Yiwu has guided 102 whitelisted companies with fixed assets of more than 100 million RMB to formulate closed-loop production plans and is promoting the full coverage of closed-loop production in 821 companies above the designated size. Every day, six inspection teams at the city and county levels will inspect the implementation of corporate pandemic prevention and control measures in 13 towns and streets, further consolidating the responsibility of companies. In addition, Yiwu has sufficient reserves of anti-pandemic materials. As of August 7, the anti-pandemic supplies at the city and town levels are enough for 8 million people to have nucleic acid tests for three rounds.

Jinhua will try to achieve the following four goals: nonstop production, no reduction in production capacity, nonstop logistics, and an orderly business environment. The government should promote the closed-loop production of industrial companies, offer green passes for whitelisted companies, and speed up the construction and operation of important material transfer stations for industrial companies. (By Du Xiaoping, translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel Haws)

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