Online Zero-Contact Inspection
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On the afternoon of August 5, a truck loaded with lamps, kitchen supplies, and other commodities drove out of the customs supervision of the Yiwu Port and departed for Cameroon via the Ningbo Port. The customs declaration on the batch of goods to Yiwu Customs was in the form of market procurement and trade. From customs declaration to release permits, customs officers avoided face to face contact with the owners of the goods and performed a “zero-contact inspection.”

“Zero-contact inspection” is a new model that business personnel and inspectors can use remotely to entrust the station staff to assist customs officers to carry out inspection work via online video systems without being present. During the inspection process, customs officers can maintain real-time communication with the business personnel of companies online, knowing more detailed information about goods and requiring business personnel to introduce particular goods. The station staff is responsible for other auxiliary work like unpacking and delivery. Yiwu Customs can offer a quick response to the goods from arrival to inspection and release, and save time in the customs clearance procedure by means of this new model. (By Wu Fengyu, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Daniel Haws)

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