Yiwu’s Anti-Pandemic Measures during Lockdown
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From 0:00 on August 11, Yiwu imposed a three-day lockdown. The hustle and bustle in the city suddenly disappeared. In order to help the citizens’ lives go back to normal as soon as possible, various anti-pandemic measures and policies have been implemented to break the chain of infection.

1. Transportation checkpoints

“Please show me your health code. Have you been tested today?” At the Yiwu Station on the G60 Expressway, before the vehicle gets off the expressway, the drivers are asked to show their vehicle permit, certificate of negative result of COVID-19 nucleic acid test, and other requested documents. They are allowed to go on after confirmation.

Transportation restriction is one of the major measures during lockdown.  Since the lockdown, Yiwu has closed all entrances into the city except nine entrances exclusively used for vehicles of daily necessities supply, production, and anti-pandemic materials. Vehicles for all other uses are not allowed to enter or leave Yiwu.

“We work in three shifts every day, and each group has 10 people,” Luo Weiwei said hoarsely. He is a traffic policeman from the Traffic Police Department of the Yiwu Public Security Bureau. In the early morning of August 11, Luo and his group set up the lockdown facilities. They give the green light to confirmed vehicles and persuaded drivers of other vehicles to turn around by explaining the restrictions patiently.

2. Nucleic acid testing

Before 5:00 a.m. on August 12, some residents of Xiuhu Community, Choucheng Subdistrict who got up early were waiting in line for nucleic acid testing. Officers of the community were reminding everyone to keep a distance of two meters from each other and wear masks in the right way.

There are five medical staff working in the test site of Xiuhu Community. They come from Hangzhou Bay Hospital in Ningbo and have supported the nucleic acid testing in Beilun, Shanghai, Yuyao, and other places. “We arrived in Yiwu on the evening of August 10. We have 16 people, including the driver, and have been assigned to 3 different test points,” said Yang Jiaojiao, one of the medical staff. The testing hours in Xiuhu Community last from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The medical staff works in two shifts, 3 hours per shift.

Since August 3, Yiwu has started mass testing every day. Medical staff, nucleic acid testing vehicles, and other resources from various cities in Zhejiang Province have been sent to assist Yiwu. Currently, Yiwu has a daily testing capacity of 1.76 million tubes.

3. Contactless deliveries

At about 9 o’clock on August 12, a small truck loaded with daily necessities packages stopped in front of the Sunshine Apartment Complex in Jindu Community, Choujiang Subdistrict. Zheng Hongwei, deputy director of the Committee of Jindu Community, led 10 volunteers to deliver them door-to-door to 61 households that were unable to cook at home.  

There are 163 people living in the Sunshine Apartments. The landlord printed a room number list and used different markers to indicate whether this room is able to cook at home or not. The volunteers put different packages at the door of each room based on the list. After all the packages were delivered, the landlord instructed the residents through a WeChat group to open their doors and get their package.

“Contactless delivery not only prevents people from gathering, but also makes it more convenient for the residents,” said Wang Yongqiang, secretary of the Party Committee of Jindu Community. According to Wang, there are 7,573 people living in this community. Among them, the 6,182 people who can cook at home received free packages of uncooked materials such as rice, oil, meat, vegetables, etc. provided by the Yiwu government; the other 1,391 people who do not have cooking facilities got free packages of instant food, including instant noodles, eight-treasure porridge, marinated eggs, milk, apples, ham sausages, etc. provided by Choujiang Subdistrict. (By Du Xiaoping, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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