In-Depth Institutional Innovation Towards Landmark Achievements
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In the first half of the year, indicators in the Jinyi area of the Zhejiang Free Trade Zone achieved new breakthroughs. From January to June, Jinyi District realized the foreign trade import and export volume of 242.93 bn RMB, an increase of 29.2%, which is 11.9% higher than the provincial average.

Since the beginning of this year, the Jinyi area has unswervingly implemented the strategy of inland opening up to new highs.

Jinyi District focused on deepening institutional innovation around Four Freedoms. In terms of trade freedom, Jinyi District deepens the digital free trade application of small commodities. In terms of capital freedom, the amount of cross-border RMB settlement in the city reached 64.93 bn RMB, a year-on-year increase of 116.5%. In terms of transportation freedom, the automatic verification of sea-rail combined transport and highway full trade mode was realized, and a new credit of 10.15 million USD was granted to the train operation enterprises. In terms of the freedom of entry and exit of personnel, the reform of foreigners coming to China was reshaped through internal processes, benefiting 2,940 foreigners and their families, serving as the key application of provincial digital reform.

Jinyi District strived to develop new trade through multiple channels such as market procurement, China-Europe trains, express ships, truck flights, multimodal transport, and expansion of new formats such as market procurement + cross-border e-commerce and market procurement+bonded goods. By the end of June, the export of 1039+cross-border e-commerce had reached 2.875 billion dollars, an increase of 198.24 over the same period of last year. (By Luo Yi, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad) 

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