Trina Delivers 231 TEUs of PV Modules Weekly
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On the afternoon of August 18, Trina Solars workshop was very busy. The photovoltaic company, based in the Hi-Tech Zone of Suxi, Yiwu, was trying to keep up with increasing demand.

In order to support the production of companies during these trying times, Yiwu has dispatched 214 government staff to serve in the companies. These staff members have been sent to the production line of companies to keep abreast of the companys demands and problems, and provide services to relieve the companys troubles.

On the premise of confirming that the PCR test is negative and the health code is being followed, the on-site staff posted a seal on the freight car and approved the release. The staff asked the driver not to get out of the car during the whole process, and to return immediately after the cargo is unloaded, Lou Xianyu explained. The raw materials required by the company for production come from all over the country, and the products are exported overseas. In order to ensure the regular production and operation of the company, under the premise of meeting the needs of epidemic prevention and control, personnel, logistics and other matters are promptly coordinated and resolved.

During this epidemic outbreak, with the help of the government, the overall production was stable and smooth,said Ge Xiaogang, spokesperson of Trina Solar. The government provided companies with a batch of goods for daily life every three days, and under the guidance of the attendants in the enterprises, the enterprises have also formulated a closed-loop production plan.

At the beginning of this year, our planned annual production capacity was 8GW. After the equipment upgrade, the annual production capacity is expected to exceed 9GW this year,Ge Xiaogang explained. Since the implementation of silent management in Yiwu, Trina Solar has shipped a total of 231 TEUs of photovoltaic modules, a total of 90 MW, worth about 180 million RMB. (By Yu Yiping, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited Mariam Ayad)

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