Lanxi-Native Diplomat Receives Highest Medal of Honor
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On July 27, the Syrian Foreign Ministry held a departure reception for Ambassador Feng Biao. Syria’s Foreign Minister Mekdad, Syria’s Presidential Affairs Minister Mansour, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Jaafari, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Susan, and some ambassadors in Syria attended the reception. 

Feng Biao was born in Lanxi. He once studied at Jiefang Road Primary School and Lanxi No. 2 Middle School. He graduated from Lanxi No. 3 High School, where his father worked as an English teacher.

Feng Biao travels all year round, but he is a hometown fan who always keeps his hometown and relatives close to his heart and is concerned about the development of Lanxi. He said, “Although I have left Lanxi for more than 30 years, I miss my hometown all the time. For a wanderer, a hometown is not only a spiritual sustenance, but also a driving force for life!” Feng also mentioned that he pays attention to the news about Lanxi every day and is full of expectations for the development of his hometown.

At the reception, Foreign Minister Mekdad read out President Bashar’s decree and said that in recognition of Ambassador Feng’s contribution to the development of bilateral relations between China and Syria, he is awarding Ambassador Feng the Medal of Excellence of the Syrian Republic.

In his speech, Foreign Minister Mekdad said that in recent years, Syria-China relations have achieved a great leap. Syria sincerely thanks China for providing various assistance to the Syrian people and hopes that the friendly relations between the two countries will continue to develop.

Ambassador Feng thanked Foreign Minister Mekdad for conferring the medal on behalf of the president. He said that in recent years, under the guidance of the leaders of the two countries and the promotion of the foreign ministers of the two countries, the friendly and cooperative relations between China and Syria have continued to develop, and the two countries have become close friends. I wish Syria peace, stability and development, and that its people live and work in peace and contentment as soon as possible, he said.

Major mainstream media in Syria all reported on the reception. (Translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad) 

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