Jinhua Establishes Future Factory Alliance
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In late July, Jinhua established the Future Factory Alliance. Deputy mayor Li Binfeng attended the ceremony.

In recent years, Jinhua has been committed to the construction of the digital economy and has achieved great results in building factory of the future. To date, nine provincial-level future factories have been constructed, of which three companies including Hengdian Group DMEGC Co. were selected as the Provincial-level Future Factory. Six companies including Leapmotor Co. were selected as the Provincial-level Future Factory Pilot.

Constructing future factories is an inevitable choice for Jinhua to develop new advances in the manufacturing industry and to achieve transformation. Establishing the Future Factory Alliance is an important measure to promote the construction of future factories. Through the exchange platform, the Future Factory Alliance will encourage leading companies to participate in digital transformation to form an exemplary effect to encourage various industries to build smart factories and expand the scale of construction. This will drive the digital transformation and advancement of all industries. As of the end of this year, Jinhua plans to add two future factories and six future factory pilots.

It is necessary to know the importance of building future factories that will accelerate the digital transformation of leading companies and promote the development of Jinhua’s manufacturing industry. (Source: Jinhua Daily, translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel Haws)

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