Declaration of the 9th Wenrong Award Begins
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According to the Organizing Committee of the 2022 Hengdian Film and Television Festival, the deadline for declaring the 9th Wenrong Award is October 8. It will be awarded during the 2022 Hengdian Film and Television Festival.

The Wenrong Award, which symbolized cultural prosperity, has been held eight times so far. It aims to encourage film and television companies to produce better film and television projects, discover and support new film and television talents, promote excellent film and television works, and further promote the prosperity of the film and television industry. The award adheres to the selection criteria of openness, impartiality, and authority, and it puts quality before quantity. It has become an indicator of film and television creation, an annual “parade” for the new generation of the film and television industry, and a dream stage that concentrates on the innovative power of film and television.

This year’s Wenrong Award has set up two competitions — one themed on “Glory” and the other on “Ingenuity”—and several Organizing Committee Promotion Awards. The “Glory” competition has set the awards for Best Young Film Screenwriter, Best Young TV Screenwriter, Best Young Film Director, Best Young TV Drama Director, Best Young Film Actor, Best Young Film Actress, Best Young Film Director Best Actor in a TV Series, Best Young Actress in a TV Series, Best and Child Actor. The “Ingenuity” competition hosts the awards for the Most Ingenious Producer of the Year, the Most Ingenious Photography Director of the Year, the Most Ingenious Art Director of the year, the Most Ingenious Modeling Director of the Year, and the Most Ingenious Visual Effects Director of the Year.

The 2022 Hengdian Film and Television Festival Organizing Committee admitted that the film and television industry is facing challenges during the pandemic, and the Wenrong Award will build a platform for Chinese film and TV institutions and individuals to display and start businesses. Young filmmakers watched carefully and helped develop the film and television industry. (By Wu Bingqian—Jinhua Daily, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Daniel Haws)

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