More Efforts in Zero-Carbon Park Construction
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In April this year, the new power system project in the Hengdian incremental power distribution pilot area was approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Energy Bureau. The formal operation of the system means that the new power system project has entered the stage of physical pilot operation, providing experience and demonstration for the green zero carbon park and new power system in the province.

In order to help build a zero-carbon film and television park, State Grid Dongyang Power Supply Company and Hengdian Film and Television Industrial Park have cooperated closely since the beginning of this year to promote the coordinated development of the new power system and ensure optimal storage integration. The diversified and clean energy supply system was built to lead and drive the transformation of regional energy development, change the energy consumption structure, and accelerate the construction of a clean green and zero emission park. (By Ye Yongyong--Jinhua Daily, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad) 

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