Yongkang’s Leader Visits Shanghai Companies
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From September 5 to 6, Zhang Xusheng, secretary of the Yongkang Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation to Shanghai to carry out investment investigations, visit science and technology innovation companies, and conduct negotiations on cooperation projects. He stressed that Yongkang should extend the supply chain of its key industry—hardware—attract and cultivate powerful companies, build an industrial ecosystem and industrial clusters, and enhance its industrial foundation, so as to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Yongkang’s hardware industry and contribute more to the stability and improvement of its economy. Wu Xiaohui, director of the Liaison Office of the Jinhua Municipal People’s Government in Shanghai, and Zheng Yuntao, member of the Standing Committee of Yongkang Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, accompanied the investigation.

During their stay in Shanghai, Zhang and the delegation visited Wonders Information Co., Ltd., CPI Ronghe (Shanghai) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Top Gear Power Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Enneagon Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Suzhou Xuanguang Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang learned in detail the companies’ histories, market positioning, operation management, and development strategies. He also introduced Yongkang’s market and its economic and social development, had in-depth exchanges with the leaders of the companies on relevant project cooperation, and invited entrepreneurs to visit Yongkang in person. He hopes to further increase contact with the companies in order to carry out practical cooperation, work together to plan and implement major projects, and strive to achieve a higher level of development that benefits all sides.

During the investigation, the delegation signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with relevant companies to extend the supply chain. Zhang thanked the investors for their support for and confidence in Yongkang. He pointed out that new energy and digitalization are the two opportunities in China with the most potential, and are also Yongkang’s advantages for the steady improvement of the economy. Yongkang is striving to develop from “China’s capital of hardware” to the “world’s capital of hardware.” On the one hand, Yongkang makes full use of entrepreneur resources, the supply chain, and low logistics costs, adheres to the “science and technology + brands” strategy, and improves traditional pillar industries. On the other hand, it accelerates the development of the new energy and new materials industries, undertakes large projects, builds high-level innovation platforms, and provides services and other support for the development of high-end industries. Zhang hopes to take the cooperation with companies in Shanghai as a new starting point to further integrate the resources of the various parties, promote in-depth cooperation, and comprehensively promote the integrated development of more industries. He said that the Yongkang Municipal Party Committee and the government have confidence in and high expectations for the cooperation between the two sides, and will create an optimal business environment for the development of the companies in Yongkang.

In addition, Zhang said that the practice of companies striving to be “specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, and innovative” and focusing on niche markets is of great enlightenment to Yongkang’s development, and is worth learning from for Yongkang’s relevant departments and companies. He stressed that Yongkang is trying to break free from dependence on the traditional development pattern and advance the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of industrial development and urban construction. To achieve this transformation and upgrading, Yongkang should benchmark its development against higher criteria; strengthen communication and exchanges with pacesetter regions and companies with a more open mind, a broader vision, and a more positive attitude; promote exchanges and cooperation in various forms; and turn experience into practice. (Chen Xiaosu – Yongkang Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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