Hengdian Digitilization & Epidemic Control
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On the morning of September 10, a service tent at the Hengdian exit of the Zhuji-Yongkang highway sounded an early warning notification. A vehicle from an epidemic risk area drove out of the toll station and was guided to the check lane by local staff to perform inspections.

“For warning vehicles, we need to ask about epidemiological history, suspected symptoms, check health codes, and negative certificates for nucleic acid testing,” said Lu Jiangyong, the manager of the service site at the highway exit. Vehicles without early warning signals usually scan the code for entry. If there is a vehicle coming from epidemic risk areas, the personnel at the station guide the vehicle to the control area.

Hengdian has established a control system managed by 10 working squads. At least one member of a squad sits in the command position every day, while over 20 members of the squad work together to carry out detailed data verification, key personnel management, and control.

In the Hengdian Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarter, various data are displayed in real time, which is continuously verified 24/7.

“The smart Hengdian platform also provides services to verify data issued by provincial IRS nucleic acid databases and mobile telecommunications base station positioning. It’s platform that greatly improves the efficiency of data verification,” said Shen Tujingjing, deputy mayor of Hengdian. (By Ye Yongyong, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Daniel Haws) 

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