Yiwu’s Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival
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Jimingshan community displays folk culture

“Cloud” Reunion on Mid-Autumn Festival

“The Mid-Autumn Festival of 2022 is meaningful because you can watch the ‘cloud’ party held in the street via livestreaming,” said Li Xia. Li is a resident who watched the party on his mobile phone on the evening of September 9 when Futian Subdistrict held a Mid-Autumn Festival Gala with the theme of Blessings to Yi Family — ‘Cloud’ Reunion on Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Under the premise of the normalization of pandemic prevention and control, the well-planned online and offline cultural themed Mid-Autumn Festival event, with both traditional folk experience and fashionable new ways of playing, provided more opportunities for residents to participate. The main venue was set up in the Futian New Era Civilization Practice Institute, the Futian Community, Shangcheng Community, Changchun Community, Taojieling, and Xiqian Village. Other villages set up branch venues for on-site connection and interaction.

Promote Intangible Cultural Heritage

On the same day, Houzhai Subdistrict held the Mid-Autumn Festival event of “Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage and Gathering Neighbors and Friends” in the Jincheng Community to better carry forward the traditional culture. More than 100 foreign residents living in the Jincheng community and party members gathered to experience the charm of Chinese cultural heritage.

At the event, everyone was immersed in tie-dyeing lanterns and other cultural heritage crafts. Pan Li, a mobile party member, and Jafar, an Iraqi child, combined the Mid-Autumn Festival theme to create a “moon” pattern in tie-dyeing, making the immersive experience of cultural heritage well integrated with the cultural connotation.

Make Moon Cakes and Drink Tea

The Sji Community of Beiyuan Subdistrict held the activity “Special Festival - Full Moon and Mid-Autumn Festival,” They invited people of all ethnic groups in the jurisdiction to make moon cakes. Different ethnic groups such as Han people, Tujia people, Miao people, Buyi people and Tibetan people participated.

The tea master made Song Dynasty Tea for everyone. The smooth and beautiful tea-ordering process was pleasing to the eye. “It’s the first time that I have made moon cakes by myself. I used to buy moon cakes to eat, but now I make them with friends. I can enjoy the true Mid-Autumn Festival flavor that belongs to me!” said Man Fuying, a man from Tujia nationality.

On September 8, in Jimingshan Community, Jiangdong Subdistrict, overseas residents from Germany, Pakistan, Morocco, and India together with Tongyue social workers and residents of Yiwu participated in the exhibition of folk culture during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Together they learned Chinese poetry. A variety of activities such as making moon cakes allowed overseas residents to experience traditional Chinese festival culture and enhance cultural exchanges between Chinese and international residents. (Text and photo by Gong Yingying from Yiwu Commercial Daily, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Daniel Haws)

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