Yiwu Makes Mika Become Better
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Many foreign businesspeople have made big money in the Yiwu market. To tell the stories of their success, ZTV-WORLD has made a series titled “The Wave of International Entrepreneurship.” Today we meet Mika, a Kyrgyzstan who has made a successful jewelry trade in Yiwu.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Yiwu City’s wholesale market of small commodities. The market is ten times bigger than before with five upgrades since 1982. It has won the acclaim of the World Bank and some other United Nations organizations as the world’s largest supermarket of small commodities.

When working in Zhejiang Province, General Secretary Xi Jinping made as many as 12 field investigations in Yiwu and praised the birth of the Yiwu market as a significant success of entrepreneurship.

Bonding with China

When Mika first came to China, she was still a student. Her cousin was doing business in China and talking in Chinese then, which made her realize that Chinese is such a nice language. The idea of learning Chinese was rooted in her heart at that time. So, she enrolled in Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College, which has a great program for teaching Chinese to foreigners.


To improve her Chinese level, she went to the library to study by herself every day after class and participated in community-run public welfare classes on weekends. Because of her efforts, Mika has passed the Chinese HSK Level 5 and has also participated in various Chinese language competitions for college students.

Mika is a person with a lively mind, and she has investigated every booth on every floor in the International Trade City. She readily agreed when a Ukrainian friend asked her to find some goods. However, Mika had difficulty in making a choice when faced with numerous accessories in Yiwu’s Small Commodity Market.

With the guidance of friends and the patient introduction made by merchants, Mika gradually grew from a layman to a professional purchaser. She also got to know many old merchants in the market. Under the influence of Yiwu’s business environment, Mika founded her own jewelry foreign trade company. Mika has a keen sense of aesthetics, and the International Trade City has various kinds of accessories— with all the advantages, her business became better and better.

When an order comes from overseas, she will go to the Yiwu market to purchase goods in person. If her customer is dissatisfied with the quality or with the style, Mika will select the goods again until the customer is satisfied.

Mika’s life is busy most of the time, but she will find some time to challenge herself in activities like Chinese dance, cycling, and tennis. Mika believes that “multi-skills are not a kind of pressure.” While maintaining her enthusiasm for life, she can also keep up with the fast-paced life of Yiwu.

From studying in Yiwu to doing business in Yiwu, Mika is becoming a better self. (Translated by Wei Han, edited by Daniel Haws) 

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