Dongyang’s Lyrics on CCTV for Mid-Autumn Festival
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At the CCTV gala for the Mid-Autumn Festival party, “Eyes on the Stars” was performed in its full length of nine minutes and 16 seconds. It was accompanied by drums and horns.

The song is sung by Wang Sulong and Ling Hua who are partners in Phoenix Legend, and it combines traditional Chinese musical instruments with electronic rap music. The song is very popular throughout the nation. Its author, Xuantian, aims to express the love for the magnificent mountains and rivers of Chinese soil. Xuantian is the art name of Fu Fanchen, deputy head of the planning and construction section at Dongyang Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, and Tourism.

“When I saw that my song was played at the Mid-Autumn Festival gala, I was so surprised that I jumped out of my chair,” said Fu.

Last year, a music company asked Fu to compose a piece of optimistic and atmosphere lyrics. He completed his drafts in July and September, and his work was included in a special edition of Phoenix Legend released in December under the name “Eyes on the Stars.”

Born in 1995, Fu has always been keen on reading and writing, and his interest is particularly focused on classic Chinese culture. In 2021, he composed a song for the domestic well-known video platform Bilibili, “Wanxiang Shuangtian,” which has over eight million views. Hereafter, he has received the attention of the music industry and has composed over 30 songs for various projects. (By Ma Kajia—Jinhua Evening, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Daniel Haws)

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