Yiwu’s Integrated Service System
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On September 7, Yiwu held the opening ceremony for “overseas stations for government services” through video conference, marking the official launch of the first three overseas stations in Dubai, the Czech Republic, and Spain. The stations will provide Chinese people abroad and overseas purchasers with convenient government services.

Affected by the global outbreaks of COVID-19, traveling to and from China has become difficult for many Chinese people abroad and overseas purchasers who need to handle affairs in China. In order to ameliorate the inconvenience, the Yiwu Municipal Government Service Center took the initiative to cooperate with Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd. (ZCCCG) and integrated Yiwu’s government services into the ZCCCG’s overseas trade service system, so as to optimize the business environment and promote the stability and quality of Yiwu’s foreign trade development. “We have established ‘Take You to China’ service centers offline and launched the ‘Zheliban’ online service platform. The physical centers and the online platform facilitate the construction of overseas stations for government services, which is an important measure taken by Yiwu to build an integrated domestic and overseas service system,” said the spokesman of the Yiwu Municipal Government Service Center. The overseas stations will provide high-quality, efficient, and convenient government services for overseas businessmen and overseas Chinese, and actively facilitate the development of international trade.

At present, the overseas stations can provide 431 government services. Overseas businessmen can file business registration, apply for work permits, and handle other affairs without traveling to China. In addition, they can learn about the latest policies of Yiwu and the Yiwu Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and make investment consultations. These services save investors significant money and time. Moreover, the stations provide Yiwunese people abroad with notarial services, international commercial mediation, and services related to social security and medical insurance, real estate, provident funds, and more.

The overseas stations have established efficient connections with various functional departments in Yiwu, and can assist overseas Chinese in handling affairs through digital means such as holding video conferences and adopting electronic signatures, so that people abroad can accomplish such tasks without traveling to China. “We can handle affairs related to China even if we live abroad,” Mr. He, a native of Yiwu who runs a business in Madrid, Spain, said happily. Last month, his wife, who is in China, wanted to sell a house and needed Mr. He’s assistance. Mr. He could not return to China because of the pandemic, and he went to the service station at ZCCCG’s overseas trade service center for consultation. A staff member told him that he could complete the real estate transaction online. Under the guidance of the staff member, Mr. He completed the sale of the house quickly.

At the overseas station in the Czech Republic, a well-known local manufacturer of handmade crystal products also had a consultation with the staff members there. The company intended to research Yiwu and establish a branch in Yiwu, and they needed information about China’s latest entry policies and regulations. The staff members of the station immediately contacted the Exit-Entry Administration of the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau to discover the relevant regulations through a video conference. (By Fu Bolin – Yiwu Business Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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