Two ISO International Standards for Yiwu Enterprises
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Two international standards were officially released: ISO 5424: 2022 Compostable Plastic Straws for Plastic Industry, which was developed by Yiwu Shuang Tong Commodity Co., and ISO 5099: 2022, Classification and Size of Easy-opening and Peeling Ends of Light Metal Containers, which was developed by Yiwu Yi Kigai Industrial Company.

First-rate enterprises set standards, second-rate enterprises make brands, and third-rate enterprises make products. Based on the national standard of Biodegradable Drinking Straws, Compostable Plastic Drinking Straws for Plastic Industry which was formulated by Municipal Shuangtong Commodity Co., is in accords with the product requirements and testing methods of our national standards. The publication and implementation of this standard will strengthen the international influence and discourse power of our national standards, realize the internationalization of our national standards for biodegradable materials and products, break the green international trade barrier, and enhance the international competitiveness of our national standards for biodegradable materials and products.

Since the construction of Yiwu as a standard city, Yiwu has successively carried out a series of activities such as “meeting the standards” and “entering the market with standards.” They conducted and in-depth and comprehensive analysis of international standards and foreign advanced standards, and they found out the gap between the standards implemented by enterprises in Yiwu to promote the improvement of local enterprise standards. (By Wang Ting—Yiwu Business Daily, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Daniel Haws) 

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