Central Zhejiang First Outlets: Trial Operation
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On the morning of September 10, the bustling Wan Tai Outlets, as the first outlet commercial complex in central Zhejiang, was finally put into operation after great anticipation. 

Different from the traditional supermarket, Wan Tai Outlets employs rich European town customs, which make people feel comfortable with slowing down to enjoy their shopping experience. The personalized store design and bright and spacious outdoor pedestrian street enhances the look and atmosphere of the mall. People feel at ease and enjoy their outing in this comfortable environment.

During the trial operation period, more than 30 brands opened one after another, among which Ferre, CNC, Vincentcat and some other brands are opening in Jinhua for the first time. It’s worth mentioning that, with the high popularity of Wan Tai Outlets living areas, it's hard to find a shop in the boutique shopping areas. Gucci, Prada, Burberry and other well-known international brand collection stores also met with the public on October 1st this year.

In addition to the traditional promotional discount, the commercial complex also displayed “Cultural Marketing” during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, DIY activities of moon cakes officially started. Parents and children made handmade moon cakes together under the guidance of baking teachers to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival together. (Source: Wucheng Today, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad) 

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