Digital Platform Solves Problems Quickly
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The Presidium of the People’s Congress of Lingxia Town held a symposium to solicit opinions on the Regulations of Home-Based Care Service for the Aged in Jinhua (Draft). Xing Shijun, chairman of the presidium, carefully summarized the opinions and submitted his report on the Jindaitong platform.

In July 2022, the Jinhua Municipal People's Congress launched the Jindaitong service platform in Zhezhengding, an all-in-one mobile workplace based on DingTalk from Alibaba. The Jindaitong platform has functional modules such as advice solicitation, public opinion reflection, activity participation, and supervision and deliberation. The platform displays the daily work of the representatives of the People’s Congress, and builds an online bridge for communication between the representatives of the People’s Congress and the public.

“People can make their voice heard on the Jindaitong platform 24/7,” said Xing. Relying on the platform and a special working mechanism, the representatives of the People’s Congress of Lingxia Town have formed a grassroots organization that integrates online and physical representative liaison stations and conducts overall democratic practices.

According to Xing’s introduction, the special working mechanism refers to the information display of the 62 representatives of the People’s Congress at the district and town levels, including their photos, names, titles, phone numbers, and QR codes. The information boards containing the information of 62 representatives are displayed at eye-catching locations in each village. In addition, the boards also illustrate how to use the information: scanning the QR codes, inputting opinions or concerns, and submitting the information. “It only takes three steps for an opinion or suggestion to reach a representative,” said Xing.

“The information boards help people to know clearly who the representatives are so that they can easily contact the representatives and speak out about their concerns,” said Xing. On September 3, Tang Ailing, a villager of Ling’er, gave it a try and submitted a message to a representative that said, “The channel in front of our house is blocked, causing the pooling of water on the road.” Representative Dai Dongming, after receiving the message, immediately went to the location to solve the problem. After hearing about the incident, villagers spoke highly of the work efficiency of the representative and the online platform. “It’s convenient for us to contact the representatives, and we can see clearly that the representatives take action to address our concerns,” commented one of the villagers.

“What the public care about is whether their concerns can be heard and solved, and when they can be solved,” said Representative Tang Chunxian. There may be delays in work if all communication is made by phone calls. The online platform, however, makes the work transparent and efficient. In addition, both words and pictures can be submitted on the platform, which can reflect problems more accurately, thus facilitating problem-solving. On the platform, the whole process of problem-solving can be tracked. For example, a representative once handed over a proposal saying, “A traffic light failure is occurring and there is a potential travel safety hazard.” After 10 minutes, the representative liaison station of the town replied to the proposal through the platform and contacted relevant departments to deal with the problem. Photos of the problem being solved and the resulting smooth traffic flow were also posted on the platform.

“Digitalization will promote the iterative upgrading of the representative liaison stations, and help the stations to better listen to the voice of the people, observe the livelihood of the people, and solve their concerns.” In Xing’s view, Jindaitong directly reflects social sentiment and public opinions, and also brings challenges for representatives. “On the platform, diligent representatives stand out,” he said. To date, Lingxia Town has 14 public concerns reflected on the platform, and all of them have been solved. (By Hu Yiqian – Jinhua Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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