Yiwu Companies Lead Trade Integration
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The third batch of leading companies in Zhejiang Province that successfully integrate domestic and foreign trade have been revealed. Among them, nine companies from Yiwu were listed, including Tianpai Knitting Company, Aixu Solar Technology Company, Kemei Home Appliances Company, and Zhejiang China Commodities City Group. At the same time, the photovoltaic industry base in Yiwu has been acknowledged as a pilot base of industrial reform.

On September 15 at Tianpai Knitting Company, located in the Chengxi district of Jinhua, over 100 high-speed seamless underwear knitting machines were running at full speed in the intelligent manufacturing workshop. Masked employees were working efficiently and in an orderly fashion, while several production lines were running at high capacity. “We have four plants in this district. Monthly, the output reaches millions of items, with more than 60 containers shipped to Shanghai,” said Wang Changfang, deputy general manager of the company. Their current order has been planned for November. In the first half of 2022, the company’s output increased by over 30%, and the annual growth rate is expected to exceed 20%.

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