Yiwu Lugang Railway Port’s Reach Stacker
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Zhu Linfeng driving the reach stacker

Doing comprehensive machine inspection of the reach stacker

Driving a reach stacker to the yard

On the morning of August 29, the surface temperature exceeded 40 degrees in the container yard of the Yiwu railway port. A container reach stacker with a dead weight of 70 tons is particularly eye-catching among the workers. It is the main equipment for hoisting the containers of the Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe (YXE) CRE Train. The driver who operates it is Zhu Linfeng, director of the company's dispatch center and reach stacker driver.

The sounding of the whistle and the series of YXE trains to and from Eurasia are vivid examples of Yiwus deep integration into the Belt and Road Initiative. Today, many enterprises in Yiwu and even the Yangtze River Delta region have chosen the YXE Train as their first choice for the logistics of small commodities reaching Europe and Asia. (Text and photo by Wu Yufeng, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Daniel Haws)

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