Foreigners Embrace Yiwu as Their Second Hometown
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Every day at noon, the Nepal Restaurant, located at 374 Chengbei Road in downtown Yiwu, becomes crowded with people. You can hear a mix of Chinese, English, and Arabic languages, combined with the enticing smell of exotic food, which makes people feel as if they are abroad. The streets of Yiwu are filled with a variety of international cuisines, including Indian, Turkish, Korean, and more. The diverse range of food culture is a unique feature of this international city.

Yiwu is renowned for its market, which has established trade relations with over 230 countries and regions worldwide. The city’s reputation stems from its offering of high-quality and affordable small commodities, attracting foreign businessmen to flock here. Here, they are engaged in business activities, entrepreneurship, and reside in Yiwu, considering it a second home. Their presence brings a multicultural environment, youthful energy, and a global perspective.

Multicultural integration

Gholamhossein Dehghani, an Iranian businessman, has been living in Yiwu for over 15 years. During this time, he has assimilated various local customs and habits, such as enjoying tea, engaging in morning jogs, and actively participating in volunteer work. In April 2008, he relocated from Iran to Yiwu to establish Yiwu Hamid Import & Trade Co., Ltd., specializing in the wholesale and import-export of household commodities, toys, hardware products, and clothing. In 2015, Dehghani purchased a house and settled down in Yiwu, truly becoming a part of the local community as a new Yiwunese.

Warmth brings a sense of belonging

When asked about the most appealing aspect of Yiwu, Yukio Saito from Japan confidently responded, “warmth.” “Every time I return to Japan, I am eager to come back. Upon landing in Yiwu, I feel like I have finally returned home,” said Yukio. This genuine feeling shows his connection to Yiwu, a city he has called home for many years.

In 1984, Yukio established Seven Co., Ltd. due to his business engagements that required frequent travel between Osaka, Japan, and China. At that time, he learned about Yiwu, a famous city in China known for its busy market. Because of his business interests, Yukio was eager to explore Yiwu. In 2002, he officially registered Yuzao Import & Export Co., Ltd. in Yiwu, focusing primarily on the department store industry.

Yiwu also released Ten Measures for Improving the International Business Environment and Foreign-related Services (hereinafter referred to as Initiatives), which began to be implemented at the beginning of this year. The Initiatives address various aspects such as improving work and living conditions, enhancing foreign production and operation, providing legal services for foreign matters, fostering an international community, improving healthcare services for foreigners, promoting international youth entrepreneurship, facilitating information sharing, creating a vibrant cultural atmosphere, and encouraging policy consultation. The goal is to consistently improve the foreign-related services in Yiwu and foster a sense of belonging and happiness among international entrepreneurs in the city. (By Gong Yingying)

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