China-Arab Business Exchange Promotes Economic Cooperation
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On April 20, the 2023 China-Arab Business Exchange Activity opened at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Yiwu. More than 200 foreign guests, including representatives from the Arab Business Forum (ABF), the Yemen Chamber of Commerce, and the Syrian Chamber of Commerce, attended the event. Zhejiang Zhijie Yuangang International Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. hosted the event with co-organization by Chinagoods and Yiwu Pay.

Last August, Zhijie Yuangang was officially established as a joint venture company between the China Commodities City Group, COSCO Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd., and GLP Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The CEO of this joint venture company is Yuan Meng.

Representing Zhijie Yuangang, Yuan Meng presented the company’s business services to foreign businesses and provided insights into trade prospects in Yiwu and the Middle East region. “We are a technology-driven platform company, established through a joint venture of three major shareholders with a registered capital of 555 million RMB. The first shareholder is the Small Commodity City, the world’s largest wholesale market for small commodities. The second is China COSCO Shipping, known for having the world’s most extensive transportation capacity. Finally, we have GLP Group, one of the world’s largest logistics real estate companies,” said Yuan Meng. These shareholders possess strong advantages in commerce, logistics, and infrastructure, which are essential factors in conducting trade in China. To use these advantages, Zhijie Yuangang has developed Zmetaport, a self-developed and self-built digital cross-border supply chain management platform. This platform offers international traders an end-to-end, fully visible, and controllable one-stop comprehensive supply chain service platform from trade orders to final delivery. By using this platform, customers can enhance their competitiveness in overseas markets.

Zmetaport is a digital platform that connects the entire cross-border logistics chain, breaking down information barriers and creating an end-to-end integrated logistics network that is fully visible and transparent. The platform links key nodes such as goods, transportation, customs, and warehousing, strengthening logistics and improving the logistics system. It brings together suppliers from all links in the cross-border logistics chain to improve trade fulfillment capabilities. By using digital technology, logistics facilities, and a professional talent pool, it creates a 3-in-1 mode that improves the efficiency of market entities expanding globally. Zhijie Yuangang uses its global logistics network, vast resources, and funds to support small- and medium-sized enterprises.

“I just returned from the Canton Fair and immediately came to participate in this exchange event in Yiwu. I thank Zhijie Yuangang for bringing us, Arab foreign businessmen, together to learn about Zmetaport for future cooperation,” said Nilos, the chief manager of the Yiwu office of LuLu Group International.

City Group’s Big Data Company and YiwuPay introduced the relevant businesses of Chinagoods platform and YiwuPay services to the participating foreign businessmen. (By Wu Fengyu)

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