Global Digital Trade Center Promotion Conference
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On April 29, representatives from the China Commodities City Group (CCC) presented the Global Digital Trade Center project at the investment promotion conference held in Yiwu.

The Global Digital Trade Center project is a landmark of the sixth generation of markets, integrating product display, transaction, and trade performance ecosystems into a new generation market, which reduces costs and improves efficiency for business entities. This project is the result of the knowledge and resources gained by Yiwu, and it marks a new era for the city’s future market. The project is located in Yiwu’s market trade core area, with boundaries extending west along Chunfeng Avenue (adjacent to Zone 5 of the International Trade City), north along Chengxin Avenue, east along Xinglong Street, and south along Yinhai Road.

The Global Digital Trade Center occupies a total area of 561.6 mu (approximately 37 hectares), with a construction area of 1.256 million square meters and a total investment of 8.32 billion RMB. The project has a centralized layout, consisting of four main blocks: market, commercial office buildings, commercial blocks, and apartments.

The Global Digital Trade Center has a market block at its core, with a construction area of 408,000 square meters distributed around the project’s periphery. It has a more modern, international, and digital atmosphere than traditional markets. The center itself covers 12,000 square meters and is designed as a “digital brain” with a “floating” design that sets it apart as a new generation landmark. On the first floor, there is a multifunctional mobile showroom and a large conference hall, while the second floor houses a digital market display hall and a digital trade exhibition hall. The “digital brain” uses the Chinagoods platform to connect resources and integrate information from transaction orders, product innovation, logistics transportation, property management, and mobile payments. This integration creates a new online and offline market trade scenario linked through cloud and network platforms, providing convenient transactions for both domestic and foreign customers, and enabling cost reduction and efficiency improvement for small and medium-sized business entities.

The Global Digital Trade Center is currently under construction, with plans to open the exhibition hall (located on the first floor of Yiwu Digital Trade Industrial Park) in October 2023. The apartments will be ready for use in August 2025, and the market will begin trial operation in October 2025. The commercial office buildings and commercial blocks will begin trial operation in April 2026, with the super-high-rise commercial office buildings ready in August 2027.

The CCC said that those interested in cooperating can visit the Global Data and Trade Center Project Headquarters, located on the 11th floor of the Ocean Business Building and the 1st floor of the Yiwu Digital Trade Industrial Park (opened in October 2022), to exchange ideas. (By Luo Hongting)

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